Birth Injuries/Injuries to Babies


Having a child has been heralded by many as one of the most rewarding experiences persons can have. During this time, many of us rely on medical professionals to guide and assist us in making the best medical decisions for the child. Unfortunately, by no fault of the parents, physicians can make errors before, during, and after birth that can have terrible consequences. Injuries that occur during the birth of a baby are typically classified as medical malpractice cases. Unfortunately, the results of medical malpractice on a baby can be devastating, with lifelong injuries that require highly specialized and expensive medical care for the child. The child may experience long-term pain as a result of those injuries bringing rise to a pain & suffering claim. The parents may also suffer from emotional pain as a result of the abuse, extending the injuries beyond the child. 

Some Types of Injuries To Infants

Brian Injury - Usually a result of oxygen deprivation. Oxygen deprivation can trigger brain ischemia, brain hemorrhage, and seizures. 

Cerebral Palsy - A type of brain injury that can result from infections and lack of oxygen in newborns. While complications do occur, Cebral Palsy is usually preventable as long as the doctor is correctly monitoring for fetal distress and infections, and performs an emergency C-section when indicated. 

Erb's Palsy - A type of muscle injury that can occur during delivery which affects the nerves of the upper arm, causing numbness, weakness, and sometimes, paralysis. 

Fractures - Mishandling of the baby during delivery can result in unnecessary fractures. 

Nerve Damage - Similarly to spinal cord damage, mishandling of the baby can result in nerve damage, which can also result in paralysis and weakness.

Shoulder Dystocia - Occurs when a baby's upper extremities become trapped within the mother's pelvic bone during the birthing process. Shoulder dystocia can lead to other complications, including fractures, cerebral palsy, and even death. 

Spinal Cord Damage - Mishandling the baby by stretching, pulling or moving the body excessively can cause spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis and weakness. 

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